• TABC Bartender
    Experienced, professional T.A.B.C. bartender. (4-hour minimum) $75 
    Ice Package
    300 lbs of ice with storage $75 
    Texas Beverage Station
    Tea, Lemonade and Water served in mason style drink dispensers with wooden risers, labels, sweeteners, lemons and plastic cups. $4 pp
    Ruta Maya Coffee Station
    Regular‎ and Decaf coffee station with labels, wooden risers, sweeteners, disposable cups, milk and cream. $3 pp
    Mimosa Bar
    Variety of juices served in vintage milk jugs with labels, strawberries and oranges. (client provides champagne) $2 pp
    Bloody Mary Bar
    Variety‎ of seasoning, spices, garnishes and mix displayed with jars and wooden risers. (client provides vodka) $3 pp
    Hibiscus Tea
    $2 pp
    Infused Water
    Water infused with herbs/fruit and essential oils. $1.50 pp